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Some kind of flash mob.
So lets start:


- Tag 10 people and link them (hehe i did it only on 4)
- Answer questions truthfully
- Majority wins because this a democracy

Well, because I have no idea how to tag people here, feel free to add yourself XD



Gilbert Nightray

[x] you wear black
[x] you have very few friends
[x] you are very loyal to your closest friend
[] you would do anything to protect your best friend
[x] you have used a gun before
[] people often call you useless
[] you have at least one earring
[x] you have a younger brother
[x] you are sometimes overprotective
[] you smoke/ have smoked before

Result: 6/10

Elliot Nightray

[x] you are currently a student
[] you have a short temper
[] you have an adopted family member
[] you have blue eyes
[] you don't believe in sacrificing yourself for others
[x] you love to read, especially book series
[] you play the piano
[] you have a birthmark/mole on your face
[] you have short hair
[] you prefer to fight with a sword
Result: 2/10

Vincent Nightray

[] you have long blonde hair
[] you often wear dangling earrings
[x] you are considered psychotic
[] you have an older brother
[] you like to torture things
[] you cut up stuffed animals
[] you are very secretive
[] you manipulate people/ play with people to get your way *smirks*
[x] you'll do anything for someone you love dearly
[] you consider women objects

Result: 2/10

Reo Baskerville

[x] you wear glasses
[x] you love to read
[] you have a secret life
[x] people think you are timid
[x] you might easily get pissed off, if provoked
[x] you have long brown hair
[x] you often criticize and correct your friends
[x] you are very smart
[] you make friends easily
[x]people don't know everything about you

Result: 8/10

Xerxes Break

[x] you love sweets
[x] you just want to achieve your goals
[] you are a creeper
[x] you smile often
[] you joke around often
[] white... purple... and red...
[x] you are considerate when you have to be...
[] pissed off when you don't...
[] you know lots about your line of work
[] you are a big flirt

Result: 4/10


[x] you love cats
[] you protect the person you love most, no matter what
[] you like brown
[] bangs cover one side of your face
[] you have short brown hair
[] you have cat like instincts
[x] you like to play games
[x] you don't like people that hurt the person you love
[] you start fights easily
[] you like to fight

Result: 3/10



Ciel Phantomhive

[x] you like the color blue
[] you have lost both of your parents
[] you are rich
[] someone protects you
[] you are often angsty
[x] people bother you sometimes
[x] you have a goal, and you want to achieve it
[] you are occasionally kind
[] life is like a game of chess
[] you are weak without your protector

Result: 2/10


[] you have many different colors in your hair
[] you're a jokester
[x] you enjoy making people laugh
[] you have a big family
[] you wear makeup nearly always
[] you can juggle, or at least, attempt to juggle
[x] you are very talkative
[x] you'll do anything for your family
[] someone secretly has a crush on you
[x] you love to entertain

Result: 4/10

Drocell Kainz

[] you have orange hair
[] your favorite color is purple
[] you like to wear hats
[] you are almost emotionless
[] you hardly smile
[] you have a beautiful singing voice
[x] you love dolls
[] you are very controlling
[] you intimidate people often
[] people tend to follow you

Result: 1/10


[] you are very eccentric
[x] your bangs cover your eyes
[] you always are looking for a good laugh
[] you are very knowledgable about the dead
[x] you laugh often
[] you're always smiling
[] you enjoy doing things differently
[] people often think you're a nut
[] you always seem to know more than anyone else
[x] you have beautiful eyes

Result: 3/10

Grell Sutcliff

[] you have red hair
[x] your favorite color is red
[x]you have glasses
[] you enjoy bloody movies
[] you act more like the opposite sex
[] you're a big flirt
[] you enjoy inflicting pain on others
[x] you hate to do work
[] your boss is constantly pissed off at you
[x] you are very outgoing and talkative

Result: 4/10


[] your hair isn't completely the original color anymore
[] you have a big crush on someone
[x] you love black and white
[] something you do often is considered dangerous
[] you're willing to die for the person you love
[] the person you love doesn't love you back
[] you're very fun loving
[] you laugh at people's weaknesses
[] you get jealous easily
[x] you love your family

Result: 2/10


[] you are very quiet
[] you don't speak for yourself
[x] you are very different from others
[x] you are loyal
[] you had a bad childhood
[] you have been given a second chance
[] you love snakes
[] animals are easier to converse with
[] you are unaware of what those around you do
[] people judge you often

Result: 2/10


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